Magazines & Publications

Magazine production is a core service that ScandMedia has been offering since 1994. Over those years, magazine production has developed dramatically from being paper only to hybrid e-publications.

We now also produce the whole range of books, reports, brochures, yearly publications included in electronic form only.

Bangkok Patana Magazine

Check out ScandMedia‘s world of eco-conscious creativity in collaboration with Bangkok Patana Magazine, where every page reflects our commitment to sustainability and showcases the brilliance within Bangkok Patana School. Featuring a cover carefully crafted from vibrant green card paper, this choice goes beyond mere aesthetics, representing the steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility and the dynamic […]

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Matte Varnish and Glossy Spot-UV Student Achievement

Matte vanish and glossy Spot-UV

ScandMedia presents the Student Achievement Book for Bangkok Patana School, a testament to our commitment to excellence. The cover, finished with a matte varnish, exudes sophistication, while the strategically applied glossy Spot-UV highlights essential text and central elements. This dynamic interplay of matte and glossy not only enhances visual appeal but also showcases the dedication

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Co-finance of corporate magazines

ScandMedia offers our clients to find complementary sponsors for their magazines. That makes it possible even for small companies to produce a quarterly client magazine or newsletter. In short, we find someone to share your cost by allowing them to advertise in your customer magazine or newsletter. We will, of course, make sure the ads

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