Matte vanish and glossy Spot-UV

ScandMedia presents the Student Achievement Book for Bangkok Patana School, a testament to our commitment to excellence. The cover, finished with a matte varnish, exudes sophistication, while the strategically applied glossy Spot-UV highlights essential text and central elements. This dynamic interplay of matte and glossy not only enhances visual appeal but also showcases the dedication we pour into perfecting the nuances of each project.

Matte Varnish and Glossy Spot-UV Student Achievement

The book features a Saddle Stitching binding, ensuring a sleek and streamlined design. This binding method not only enhances durability but also complements the book’s overall aesthetic. Inside, a consistent vanishing technique provides a smooth and elegant visual experience.

Inside, each page unfolds a story of success, showcasing milestones, accolades, and the vibrant spirit of Bangkok Patana School’s students. Our commitment to precision and detail ensures that every achievement is portrayed with the utmost clarity and celebration.

Student Achievement

More than a visually stunning creation, this Student Achievement Book is a tribute to the incredible accomplishments of the students. It reflects our dedication to capturing the essence of success and presenting it in a way that resonates with the school’s values.

Student Achievement

We invite you to explore the craft behind the scenes. Contact ScandMedia today to elevate your projects with precision, attention to detail, and the artistry that transforms printed materials into lasting works of visual elegance.


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