Bangkok Patana Magazine

Check out ScandMedia‘s world of eco-conscious creativity in collaboration with Bangkok Patana Magazine, where every page reflects our commitment to sustainability and showcases the brilliance within Bangkok Patana School.

Featuring a cover carefully crafted from vibrant green card paper, this choice goes beyond mere aesthetics, representing the steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility and the dynamic ideas thriving within the school community. Immerse yourself in the narratives and visuals printed on green offset paper within the magazine. This conscious selection not only offers a unique reading experience but also reinforces our promise to use sustainable materials at every stage of production.

Bangkok Patana Magazine

100% Eco Fiber – Our Earth-Friendly Touch:

Bangkok Patana Magazine goes above and beyond by embracing 100% eco fiber. Every page reflects our dedication to minimizing our ecological footprint, ensuring that the beauty of education and creativity is harmoniously entwined with our commitment to the planet.

Bangkok Patana Magazine

Transform your publications with ScandMedia’s dedication to eco-conscious creativity. From lush green card covers to 100% Eco Fiber pages, we blend aesthetics with environmental responsibility.


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