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ScandMedia Corporation Limited works mostly with international companies and organisations in Thailand to create high quality graphic material. We believe our customer service is a key to our success in the market. Working with ScandMedia is the closest you can get to having your own in-house graphic design department!

Client Cases

NACA still prefers ScandMedia as their publisher

The intergovernmental organisation that promotes rural development through sustainable aquaculture started printing their newsletter 2003, published with the assistance of ScandMedia.

ScandMedia successfully delivers first print job to HQ of Japanese Institution

“ScandMedia can turn the impossible into the possible!”, says client  Ms. Rina Hirano of the Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan. Scand-Media delivered an improved version of the first printing job us to produce.

Social Media presence

ScandMedia Corporation Limited has launched the start of a long term project to intensify the company’s presence on social media.

In charge of this initiative is Monica Moller, the youngest of the two daughters of ScandMedia’s Founder and CEO Gregers Moller. Monica Moller is a social media marketing specialist and apart from increasing ScandMedia’s own social media presence, she is also in charge of offering her unique talent in this field as a service to clients of ScandMedia.

If you are considering producing a client magazine then you should get to know more about our Co-Finance package and let us help you evaluate your target group!

Who needs a mask now?

Everyone needs a mask these days! Let’s have your own masks with your logo on it to give to your customers or for your employees to wear in your organization. Not a mask? Then consider a towel, an apron, a notebook? We produce a wide range of premium gifts.

You should talk to ScandMedia about any bag that you have in mind for your product, e.g. paper bag with special printing.

Or why not produce a canvas bag with your own print. It’s good advertisement of your company when people carry it around. Any size, Any color, we can make it for you!

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