What is ScandMedia doing?

Why do clients return with their jobs to ScandMedia? Because we put ourselves in the clients position to understand, what is it the client really needs. Is it a brochure or is it the sales, it will generate? Is it a poster or is it people stopping by at the booth?

That approach has developed ScandMedia from originally being a supplier serving client with everything printed on paper to a broader marketing service company. Co-owner Monica Moller and founder Gregers Moller talk about this shift and how it will keep ScandMedia focused on its clients needs.


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The three main benefits

ScandMedia’s slogan “Your partner in print” is built on three main benefits of being our partner. We help find money for your

Co-finance of corporate magazines

ScandMedia offers our clients to find complementary sponsors for their magazines. That makes it possible even for small companies to produce a

Commitment to delivery on time

ScandMedia prides itself of its commitment to delivery on the time and the place that has been aggreed with the customer. Founder