About ScandMedia

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ScandMedia Corporation Limited was registered as a graphic design and printing company in Thailand in 1994 by its Danish founder, Gregers Moller.

Gregers Moller was a Foreign Correspondent for Berlingske Tidende, one of the major news organisations in Denmark, and traveled all over Asia. Frustrated that his news seldom reached the Nordic residents in Asia, he created in 1993 a news magazine ScandAsia which was distributed to this target group from Hong Kong to Bali.

Shortly after, companies from the Nordic countries began asking him, if he could print brochures and posters and business cards that they needed during exhibitions in the region and did not want to ship from back home.

The service grew based on the demand for a printer, who understood international quality, delivery on time and a high level of service.

Why do clients return with their jobs to ScandMedia? Because we put ourselves in the clients position to understand, what is it the client really needs. Is it a brochure or is it the sales, it will generate? Is it a poster or is it people stopping by at the booth?

That approach has developed ScandMedia from originally being a supplier serving client with everything printed on paper to a broader marketing service company. Co-owner Monica Moller and founder Gregers Moller talk about this shift and how it will keep ScandMedia focused on its clients needs.

Today, ScandMedia’s production includes, but is not limited to:

– Magazines
– Newsletters
– Yearbooks
– Annual reports
– Directories
– Reports
– Handbooks

– Brochures
– Digital Print on Demand
– Catalogs
– Leaflets
– Flyers
– Packaging
– Stationary
– Booklets
– Printed Ads

– E-publications
– Content Writing
– Content Editing
– Proof reading
– Translations
– Email newsletters
– Web Maintenance