ScandMedia intensifies social media presence

ScandMedia Corporation Limited has launched the start of a long term project to intensify the company’s presence on social media.

In charge of this initiative is Monica Moller, the youngest of the two daughters of ScandMedia’s Founder and CEO Gregers Moller. Monica Moller is a social media marketing specialist and apart from increasing ScandMedia’s own social media presence, she is also in charge of offering her unique talent in this field as a service to clients of ScandMedia.

The start of the project is a series of product photos that shows the variety of the products offered by ScandMedia. At the same time, a short video was produced, explaining the many years of service which ScandMedia has offered.


The first post said: “Scand-Media Corp., Ltd. was registered since 1994 by its Danish founder, Gregers Moller.

Scand-Media Corporation Limited works mostly with international campanies and organisations in Thailand to create high quality graphic material. We believe our sustomer service is a key to our success in the market.”

The second post listed the social media accounts of the company where the presence was instantly raised by the project.


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