ScandMedia journalists joined Bangkok Dinner

Eighteen Danish journalists joined the third Bangkok Dinner arranged by ScandMedia Corporation Limited at Thai Pan Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, to keep in touch with former staff of the company living in Scandinavia. The dinner takes place in Copenhagen every second year.

At this year’s Bangkok Dinner held on 20 August 2014, Gregers Moller, the founder and Editor in Chief of ScandMedia, briefed the participants on the current situation of the company and how it tried to position itself in the fast moving media landscape where advertisers spend less on Print Media and more on Content Marketing and other online media.

The participants were mostly former Danish media trainees of the company located in Bangkok, Thailand, but a few were not in this category. Max Falck is Swedish and worked in 1994 and 1995 as Marketing Manager of the publishing company established only six months before – today he is General Manager of Ecophon A/S, Denmark. Jesper Kiby Denborg contributed for many years as a freelance journalist to several of the magazines published by Scand-Media – he is today Communications Manager at Copenhagen Airports. Rikke Bjerge Johansen joined ScandMedia as Editor and Foreign Correspondent based in Bangkok for several Danish media in January 2008. She left Bangkok by the end of 2010 after two years – she works today as reporter for the Danish daily BT. From Scand-Media in Bangkok participated also Disraporn Yatprom, Graphic Designer and Managing Director of Scandinavian PublishingCo., Ltd.

The former trainees that were able to join this year were:
• Knud Brix – the first trainee in the company in 2004 and today Political reporter at TV 2;
• Jakob Holm served in first half of 2006 and works today as Communications consultant for the Association of Danish Auditors;
• Morten Perregaard served for a full year in 2006 and works today as Independent Media Production Professional;
• Marie Varming served in first half of 2007 and runs today her own freelance agency, Varmings Bureau;
• Signe H. Damkjær served in second half of 2007 and works today as Communications consultant at Liberalt Oplysnings Forbund;
• Line Lagoni Leonhard served in first half of 2008 and is today Press Liaison Officer at the Lord Mayors Office, Copenhagen;
• Annelene Højvang Larsen served in second half of 2008 and is today Web editor and journalist at the Danish Consumer Council;
• Sarah Haagerup served in second half of 2009 and is today Reporter at
• Niels C. Jensen served in first half of 2010 and is today Web Editor for the Union of Danish Bio-analysts;
• Soffi Chanchira Larsen served as the only photo journalist in first half of 2011 and is today Freelance photographer working at SoPhoto;
• Kim Birkkjaer Lund served second half of 2012 and about to graduate from Danish School of Media and Journalism;
• Anders Holm Nielsen served first half of 2013 and is today reporter at TV2;
• Sine Neuchs Thomsen served second half 2013 and is currently continuing her studies as a journalist.

The next Bangkok Dinner is already scheduled for Saturday 28 August 2016.


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