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ScandMedia founder meets new CEO of Mynewsdesk

Mattias Malmstrom, the new CEO of Mynewsdesk AB in Stockholm, met with ScandMedia Corporation Limited’s CEO and founder Gregers Moller during a regional consultation with Mynewsdesk resellers in Asia held in Singapore at Mynewsdesk’s regional Headquarters at NHST Media Groups’s offices on Clark Quay on Monday 18 January 2016.

Mattias Malmstrom and NHST Asia head Leonard Stornes discussed Gregers Moller’s further expansion plans for Mynewsdesk in Thailand in 2016.  The meeting included Ria Ariyanie of Talklink, Mynewsdesk’s reseller in Jakarta.

By the end of the day, Gregers Moller and is wife Disraporn Yatprom participated in a kick off event where each of NHST Media Group Asia’s head of division explained their business plans for 2016.

Gregers Moller

Gregers Moller is the founder of Scand-Media Corporation Limited. The year was 1994. Since then, the services of the company has followed the fast developments within printing and publishing.

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